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Eva Sundquist: Presenting the Extraordinary Journey of a Trailblazer


Eva Sundquist was the partner of Jim Hendrix. Hendrix was an American guitarist, singer, and songwriter in addition to being Eva Sundquist’s partner. Despite the brief existence of his mainstream career, he is today recognized as one of the most significant electric guitarists in popular music history and one of the most celebrated artists of the 20th century.

Eva Sundquist net worth 

In the realm of melodic artistry, James Daniel Sundquist, a seasoned virtuoso ingrained in the musical tapestry since his formative years, is rumored to possess a wealth exceeding the impressive sum of $1 million. Intriguingly, details regarding his monthly remuneration remain shrouded in mystery. Furthermore, an inheritance of $80 million befell him following the demise of his paternal progenitor.

Who is Eva Sundquist?

Eva Sundquist played a significant role as the life partner of Jim Hendrix, an iconic American guitarist, singer, and songwriter. Although Hendrix’s mainstream career spanned merely four years, he stands recognized as a highly influential electric guitarist in the history of popular music. Moreover, he remains one of the most acclaimed musicians of the twentieth century.

Eva Sundquist Bio

Born on October 5, 1969, in Stockholm, Sweden, James Daniel Sundquist, an American celebrity offspring, is currently 54 years old as of 2023. Holding American nationality, he is the child of the legendary Jimi Hendrix and Eva Sundquist. His family also includes a half-sister, Tamika Laurice James Hendrix. Despite the available information, details about his educational background remain undisclosed. Additionally, his ethnicity is described as mixed, and there is no information available about his religious affiliation.


Full NameJames Daniel Sundquist
Date of Birth5 October 1969
Age54 years old (as of 2024)
Zodiac SignLibra
Place of BirthStockholm, Sweden
Current ResidenceStockholm, Sweden
Height (feet)5’11”
Height (centimeters)180
Weight (pounds)165
Weight (kilograms)75
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourDark Brown
FatherJames Marshall Hendrix
MotherEva Sundquist
Siblings1 (Tamika Hendrix)
Relationship StatusSingle
Net Worth$1 million

Eva Sundquist Education

On October 5, 1969, James Daniel Sundquist, a renowned American offspring, entered the world in Stockholm, Sweden. As of 2023, he stands at the age of 54 and holds American heritage. Eva Sundquist and Jimi Hendrix are his parents, and he shares a half-sister named Tamika Laurice James Hendrix.

Details about his educational journey remain elusive, and his ethnicity is noted as mixed. Additionally, he does not adhere to any particular religious affiliation.

Eva Sundquist Height

The public remains in the dark about the stature and weight of the 54-year-old scion of fame.

In similar obscurity, details about his body metrics and shoe size remain elusive, leaving us only with the knowledge of his black hair and deep brown eyes.

Eva Sundquist Personal life

Jimi Hendrix and Eva’s paths crossed on a tram while “The Experience” was performing in Stockholm in 1968. Their initial encounter occurred during a local tram ride, marking the commencement of their relationship. Even after the conclusion of Jimi’s tour and his departure, he and Eva maintained contact.

Their connection deepened when the band returned to Stockholm in January 1969. Eva claimed that this reunion resulted in the birth of James Daniel on October 5, approximately nine months after her involvement with Hendrix in Stockholm, Sweden, involving, as the Swedish judges described it, “two complete intercourses.” While a Swedish court later asserted that James Daniel was Jimi’s son, no paternity test was conducted.

Reports suggest that Eva kept Jimi informed about the pregnancy and birth of his son. Jimi expressed his intention to meet his son during his return to Stockholm in 1970. Unfortunately, despite the promise, Jimi passed away before getting the chance to meet James Daniel. While James Daniel didn’t have the opportunity to meet his father, he did have the chance to meet his grandfather, James Allen Hendrix.

Eva Sundquist Family

Eva and Jimi’s love story began on a tram, where they first met and felt a spark. It wasn’t until 1968 that Jimi found the courage to express his feelings for Eva. However, their budding romance faced a hurdle as Jimi had to return to the States, leaving them apart. Despite the distance, they rekindled their connection in 1969, and out of their love, James came into the world.

Eva Sundquist Career

In the midst of James Daniel Sundquist, a cohort of musicians and artists profoundly influenced by the legacy of his late father enveloped him. Despite losing his father at a tender age, the impact lingered, shaping James into the artist he is today.

Delving into his musical potential, James embarked on a personal exploration guided by the narratives shared by his father’s comrades and collaborators. The genesis of his own musical venture, “The Sundquist Experience,” took root in his late teens, swiftly gaining prominence within the subterranean music circuit.

In emulation of his iconic progenitor, James achieved acclaim by captivating audiences with music that defies conventional genres. As a renowned singer and celebrity offspring, he remains a perpetual source of inspiration, a living testament to the enduring influence of Jimi Hendrix’s musical legacy.

Eva Sundquist Relationship

James Daniel Sundquist is flying solo these days, navigating the waters of life without a significant other by his side. In the realm of romantic entanglements, James has yet to venture into the intricate dance of a romantic liaison. Presently, he abstains from the dating milieu, maintaining a deliberate distance from such affairs. James, a paragon of reticence, has consistently shrouded his personal life in a veil of secrecy, resulting in a dearth of fervor or discourse concerning his amorous exploits.

Eva Sundquist Social Media

In the vast online domain, James, the distinguished figure, consciously refrains from the allure of social media, sidestepping the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This luminary, navigating the realms of notoriety since his youth, purposefully chooses solitude, avoiding the pervasive grip of social connectivity. His noticeable absence from these virtual landscapes adds an enigmatic charm to his character, signifying a mindful decision to distance himself from the omnipresent digital fabric that ensnares many in its societal threads.


  • Early Life: Born in Stockholm, Sweden, James Daniel Sundquist is the son of Jimi Hendrix and Eva Sundquist.
  • Age and Nationality: As of 2024, James is 54 years old and holds American nationality.
  • Family: He has a half-sister named Tamika Laurice James Hendrix from his father’s side.
  • Career: James is involved in music and has founded “The Sundquist Experience,” gaining recognition in the underground music circuit.
  • Relationship Status: Currently single, James has maintained privacy about his personal life, abstaining from romantic entanglements.
  • Social Media: He avoids social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, contributing to the enigmatic charm surrounding him.


James Daniel Sundquist, born on October 5, 1969, in Stockholm, Sweden, is the son of the iconic American guitarist Jimi Hendrix and Eva Sundquist. Currently 54 years old, he remains a private individual with limited details available about his personal life and education. James is recognized for his musical venture, “The Sundquist Experience,” influenced by his late father’s legacy. Despite losing his father at a young age, James has carved a musical career that defies conventional genres.


Who is Eva Sundquist?

Eva Sundquist was the partner of Jimi Hendrix, the iconic American guitarist, singer, and songwriter.

What is James Daniel Sundquist’s net worth?

James Daniel Sundquist is rumored to possess a net worth exceeding $1 million.

What is James Daniel Sundquist’s career?

James is involved in music and has his musical venture, “The Sundquist Experience,” inspired by his late father’s legacy.

Did James Daniel Sundquist meet his father, Jimi Hendrix?

Unfortunately, James did not have the opportunity to meet his father as Jimi Hendrix passed away before they could meet.

Is James Daniel Sundquist active on social media?

No, James consciously refrains from social media platforms, adding an enigmatic charm to his character.

What is the origin of “The Sundquist Experience”?

“The Sundquist Experience” is James Daniel Sundquist’s musical venture, inspired by the legacy of his father, Jimi Hendrix, and gained prominence in the underground music circuit.

When did Eva Sundquist and Jimi Hendrix meet?

Eva and Jimi Hendrix’s paths crossed on a tram in 1968 during a performance in Stockholm, marking the beginning of their relationship.

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